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Recession vs. Depression

Recession vs. Depression

A recession is defined as 2 consecutive quarters in which the GDP of a country declines. A depression is 4 consecutive quarters of declining GDP.

Highest Inflation in 40 Years

The inflation meter for January 2022 was the highest its been since the early 1980s, reaching 7.1%. February posted an inflation rating of 7.9% which is a significant jump considering we were already at excruciatingly high levels. The Russia-Ukraine war isn't going to...

What Are Sactions?

Economic sanctions are a policy that one country can put on another that says "you can't use our currency." It's a way for countries to boycott each other. Sanctions also means that people can also have their assets frozen or seized, if they have investments in the...

Price vs. Value

There is a key to understanding any financial concept, and that is understanding the difference between price and value. It’s a fundamental aspect of investing. So let’s dive in because this one is probably the most important building block to financial literacy.  ...

Playing The Long Game

A brutal fact is that 75% of all day traders lose money. Unfortunately, new traders looking at the stock market as a "get rich quick" scheme are usually left penniless. And for every 100 bankrupt traders, there is one raging success story. This person probably turned...

Historical Prices Are Meaningless

There’s a disclaimer at every stock exchange in the world. It reads something like “historical prices are not an indication of future performance.” Newbies will often look at a stock that once traded at a very high price and believe it will eventually return to that...

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